Glassware, Flatware & China

Glassware, Flatware & China

IGlassware, Flatware & China

newChina, White with Wicker Pattern

Bread and butter $0.55
Cup & Saucer$0.75
Soup Bowl$0.55

China, White with Silver Band

10.5 inch white china plate$0.42
Salad Plate$0.42
Bread and butter plate$0.42
Fruit Dish$0.42
Soup Bowl$0.42
Creamer & Sugar Bowl$2.00
Gravy Boat$1.25
Serving Bowl, Medium$1.25

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China, White with Swirl Embossed Rim

10.5 inch white china plate$0.42
Salad Plate$0.42
Bread and butter plate$0.42

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China, Seabreeze

10 inch Dinner Plate$0.42
8 inch Salad/Dessert Plate$0.42
Medium Serving Bowl$1.25

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newFlatware Deluxe (18/10)

Dinner Fork$0.50
Salad Fork$0.50
Tea Spoon$0.50
Soup Spoon$0.50

Flatware (Arbor Rose)

Dinner knife$0.42
Butter knife$0.42
Steak knife$0.42
Dinner fork$0.42
Salad fork$0.42
Cocktail fork$0.42
Tea spoon$0.42
Soup spoon$0.42
Serving spoon, long handle$0.75
Serving fork, long handle$0.75
Cake knife/server$2.50

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Brandy Snifter$0.45
Champagne Flute$0.45
Wine Glasses (4 oz, 6 oz or 8 oz)$0.39
Wine Glasses (12 oz)$0.45
Water Goblet$0.39
Hi Ball Glass$0.39
Irish Mug$0.39
Martini Glass$0.45
On the Rocks Glass$0.39
Pilsner Glass$0.39
Shot Glass or Shooter$0.39
Punch Cup$0.39
Punchbowl and Ladle$25.00
Punchbowl w/Pedestal and Ladle$25.00
Salt and Pepper Set$1.25
Cream and Sugar Set$2.00

Wine Glass and Water Goblet
Champagne Flute
Martini Glass/Irish Glass
Rock Glasses



***Prices subject to change without notice***