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Tablecloth, Banquet
60″ X 120″
$11.00This linen covers a 6′ or an 8′ Banquet Table. The overhang is 15″ or to the lap.
Tablecloth, Banquet
90″ X 132″
$16.00This linen goes to the floor on a 6′ banquet table.
Tablecloth, Banquet
90″ X 156″
$18.00This linen gives a great touch to an 8′ banquet table. It will go to the floor.
Tablecloth, Square
60″ X 60″
$7.00This square is very versatile. It can be used alone on a square card table or it can add a touch of class as a diamond shaped topper on a 3′, a 4′ round or even on a banquet table.
Tablecloth, Square
72″ X 72″
$10.00This linen can be used to either cover a 3′ or 4′ round or square table; or as an elegant topper for a 5′ or 6′ round or square table.
Tablecloth, Round 90″$11.00This is the most versatile linen. It goes to the floor on a 3′ round table, but can also be used on a 4′, 5′ and a 6′ round table. It also makes a beautiful topper on a 5′ or a 6′ round table. Tucked up at intervals it makes an elegant scallopped edge to high light a cake table or gift table.
Tablecloth, Round 108″$12.50This linen goes to the floor on a 4′ Round table.
It also will fit a 5′ round table and a 6′ round table.
Tablecloth, Round 120″$17.00This linen goes to the floor on both a 5′ round table and a 3′ round hi top table. It will also fit a 6′ round table giving it a 24″ overhang.
Tablecloth, Round 132″$20.00This linen goes to the floor on a 6′ round table and a 3′ round high top table, where the linen is wrapped or tied to give an elegant look.
Table, Skirt, 13′ Length$17.50A 13′ skirt will cover the 2 sides & front of an 8′ banquet table. Add an 8′ skirt to cover all sides of the table.
Table, Skirt, 8′ Length$10.00
Napkins$ 0.6020″ X 20″ napkin available in almost any color.

Chair Covers, Ties or Bands

Basic Chair Cover in polyester$4.00(Call to reserve) 941.929.9382
Basic Chair Cover with Ties$6.00(Call to reserve) 941.929.9382
Lamour Chair Covers with Ties$7.75 & up(Call to reserve) 941.929.9382


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