Our recent introduction of these beautiful High Peaked, ” 20 x- frame” tents has been excellent. Ideally suited to intimate weddings or events of 50 to 70 guests, they feature no center pole or unsightly interior wires. They accessorize wonderfully well, with tent ceiling liners, chandeliers, pole draping and many varied lighting effects etc, etc.. A very special tent for that very special group of friends.

We have been serving West Florida’s tenting needs for over twenty-six years. We feature top quality equipment and provide expert personal service from the first call, to the site planning through the final event plus the timely and prompt removal. We are fully licensed and insured.


Glossary of Tents


Pole Tent

The traditional tension pole tent is great for a wide variety of social, corporate, sporting events, etc. They are supported by a steel or aluminum center pole and perimeter poles. The top is tensioned over poles using rachets, ropes and stakes.


  1. Side poles 8′ tall and 10′ apart
  2. Sizes to 100 ft wide
  3. High peak design
  4. Some interior obstruction (pole)
  5. Must be staked
  6. High wind and rain load capacity
  7. Available with vinyl, clear or windowed sides.


High Peak Pole Tents

The high peak pole (tension) tent is a fun and elegant alternative to the traditional pole tent. With tall peaks and slopes it can create a unique external beauty and internal atmosphere for social events – a popular option for weddings.


  1. High peak design
  2. Maximum ceiling height – 25-30 feet, depending on width
  3. Some internal obstruction (pole)
  4. Elegant appearance
  5. Must be staked
  6. Available in vinyl, clear or windowed sides.


Frame Tent

The frame tent has an assembled framework that supports the top. It is free standing and must be anchored to hold in place – usually stakes or water barrels. Ideal for events that cannot have obstruction inside as it does not require a center pole.

Our 30′ x 60′ frame tent recently graced the beautiful Bolger Campiello adjacent to the Ca’ d’ Zan mansion at the John and Mabel Ringling┬áMuseum of Art. The Campellio will accomodate tents up to60′ x 70′.


  1. No interior obstruction
  2. Side poles are between 7′ to 10′ tall and about 10′ apart
  3. Requires stakes or water barrels to anchor
  4. Limited to 40′ width
  5. Available with vinyl, clear or windowed sides.


Clear Span Tent

This is a robust aluminum tent structure that does not require internal poles of any kind to support the tent. Fabric panels run through the channels of the frames and give it a tight drum-like fit that makes it virtually water tight. They can be erected and removed quickly for the most elegant one night party or stay installed indefinitely for longer term use. They come in a choice of white or clear tops. The clear top provides compelling evening beauty when lit properly.


  1. Widths of 30 to 80 ft.
  2. Maximum, unobstructed interior
  3. Rated to withstand a minimum 70 mph sustained wind speed.
  4. 1000 lb live load hang capacity per arch making lighting and decorating easy.
  5. Sliding vinyl or clear side walls available.
  6. 8 to 13 ft perimeter heights.