Dance Floor / Stage

Dance Floor / Stage


Luxury Black Marble, Snaplock$19/square3 x 3 sections
Luxury White Marble, Snaplock$19/square3 x 3 sections
Teak, Snaplock$19/square3 x 3 sections

Staging$27/section4′ X 4′ section (12″/32″ high) Staging comes in 4 foot sections and goes from 6 inches to 32 inches high. Black
Steps$27Steps are for 32″ height stage. The lower stage comes with one step.
Dance Floor Sub Floor$.50/sq ft.Portable high performance temporary event flooring. Comes in 2’x8′ high impact charcoal polypropylene sections that snap togather and drain beautifully. Under your tent use as a base for chairs, tables, dance floors and other event equipment over grass,dirt,sand, gravel, asphalt and other typical event venues surfaces.

Black and White Snaplock
Teak Snaplock


Stage Rental Sarasota

Tent Dance Floor


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